About Us

benjamin bartlein shotThe name Eastern Shore was chosen both to describe the physical location of the center on the east end of Lake Nokomis and to honor the eastern cultures that much of our complimentary medicine is rooted in. Like the ancient trade ports of the Far East that our name calls to mind, Eastern Shore is a place of cross-cultural exchange, where our practitioners draw upon the healing traditions of many cultures and people from all walks of life are welcome.

Eastern Shore Natural Health, is run by allied health professional and holistic manual therapist Benjamin Bartlein.  As a center for the healing arts, Eastern Shore has offered a variety of modalities, from many skilled practitioners, over the  years.  

With an understanding that human health is inextricably connected to the health of our earth, Ben chose natural, non-toxic and recycled materials to create the ambience at Eastern Shore. The beauty of the natural clay plaster walls, the warm earth-tones of the non-toxic paint and the charm of the re-purposed doors are all reflections of Eastern Shore’s commitment to natural health and wellness.  We are committed to using non-toxic, and scent free compounds with our cleaning\sanitization and linens.  Since many who visit Eastern Shore are in the process of recovering from poor health we strive to keep the environment as chemically \scent free as possible, so bring your natural self and leave off perfumes and scents as much as possible.


Beth Peckham, L.Ac.

beth peckhamBeth Peckham is a nationally certified and licensed acupuncturist (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). She received her Master's Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA, in 2006 and was in private practice there for 14 years before returning home to Minnesota. Treating the body as a whole is the core concept of her treatment objective. By bringing the mind, body, and spirit into balance we can tap into our body's natural ability to heal itself. Treatments may incorporate a combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine, tui na, cupping, gua sha, and lifestyle/nutritional counseling to remove obstructions and stagnations that prevent the body from functioning at it's optimal level.