Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am late to an appointment?

Please give a call just to let us know, we will still do as much work as possible when you arrive.

Is there confidentiality?

Yes, we follow the laws of HIPPA and your information is never sold or given out except where appropiate by law (i.e. you ask us to communicate with the insurance company.  Occassionally your practitioner may ask permission to discuss your case with a colleague, as two brains are better than one.)

Do you do on-site or out calls?

Chair and table massage is available for your convienence at home, business or to help promote a relaxed atmosphere at your next event event

What forms of payment can I use?

We accept Cash, Check or Credit Card.

Is it Ok to Tip or add gratuity?

Gratuity is always gratefully accepted, but never expected.  The pracitioners at Eastern Shore are independent pracitioners and gratuity can be seen as a donation to help continue to offer sliding fee scale services and workshops to those less fortunate.

What can I expect from a single treatment? Out of a series of treatments?

In one treatment you can expect relief from daily stress, a headache, those knots.  In many instances you will feel so much better and your aches and pains will be gone.  However, it is unlikely, but not impossible, that if you have been dealing with something for weeks or months or years that it will take anywhere from half to the same amount of time to resolve the issue.

A series of treatments or regular preventative maintenance will take you on a journey of awareness and healing that is really one of our greatest gifts as humans.  You will have the opportunity to learn how to use your breath to make yourself feel better.   Most people report after regular and progressive treatments more energy, less sickness, greater mental capacity, more balanced blood pressure, and a greater perspective on the challenges that we all face at one time or another in our lives. We invite you to use bodywork as tool to reach your full health.

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