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Friday, 02 December 2016 22:59

Mindfulness around the holidays

Tips from the Well-Being Coach: Mindful Eating During the Holidays
The holidays can be a difficult time to maintain a healthy routine. Snacks, large holiday meals and numerous holiday parties create plenty of temptation to over-indulge, resulting in unwanted holiday weight gain.
Mindful eating is a helpful practice to keep you on track during the holidays. Here are a few tips:
1) Before eating: Pay attention to whether or not you are actually hungry. Many holiday gatherings will have food everywhere including food you might not normally eat--like appetizers and dessert. Before you pick up the next bite of chips, handful of nuts or piece of pie, check in with your body and determine if you are actually hungry. If you are not hungry, enjoy the ambience and company, rather than indulging in unnecessary food.
2) During eating: Check in with yourself as you are eating to determine if you are getting full. Larger than normal portions of holiday food can cause many of us to overeat. Enjoy your meal, but stop eating when you are about 80% full. This gives your body enough energy to fully digest the wonderful meal, without leading to feelings of digestive distress.
3) After eating: Pay attention to how you feel when you are done eating. If you find you that you have digestive discomfort, make a mental note of what you ate and consider experimenting with avoiding the problematic food during the next holiday meal. If you are experiencing feelings of shame, make a plan for what you might do differently during the next holiday gathering to avoid overeating.
The most important thing about mindful eating is to listen to your body. It's easy to get swept away in conversation and holiday atmosphere, but if you continue to practice awareness, your inner wisdom will guide you toward well-being and ease.
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Benjamin Bartlein

Benjamin Bartlein is the owner of Eastern Shore and works as a practitioner of shiatsu massage, reiki, cranial sacral and connective tissue therapies.

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