Benjamin Bartlein, CST, LMT, Board Cert.

Benjamin offers advanced bodywork treatments drawing from an extensive tool box of Eastern inutitive energetic approaches, and the gentle anatomical precision of Counterstrain.  If you imagine your body as a river, the flow of which is nutrients and information.  Counterstrain removes with gentle precision the dams, log jams, and stagnant pools built from, injury, trauma, stress, and simply playing hard in the journey of Life.  The more intuitive approaches of craniosacral and shiatsu help the energetic flow which fortifies the sprirt and helps the physical body integrate change and healing.  As the Director of Eastern Shore, Benjamin mentors and share his expertise with staff and interns creating a healing space where clients receive some of the best bodywork and massage therapy in the Twin Cities. 

Benjamin graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Minnesota in Cultural Relations to Ecology and from the Shiatsu therapy program at Center Point Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School. He has studied Craniosacral therapy through the Milne Institute, and trained in abdominal (Hara) assessment and treatment with Dr. Kiiko Matsumoto.  In the past five years, has studied with the Jones Institute and a local mentor in the advanced treatment approachs of Strain Counter Strain and Fascial Counterstrain. 

With 15 years of treating clients from all walks of life,  Ben has developed effective methods to relieve muscle tension, free connective tissue and balance the nervous system.  His integrated and intuitive approach has a wide range of applications and Ben enjoys the variety of people he sees--marathon/triathlon athletes, creative professionals, children, cancer survivors, and many others seeking a deeper experience of themselves and a better quality life. 

Benjamin lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Renee, and their sons, Gabriel and Eden. In his free time, Ben enjoys biking, canoeing, and cross country skiing. He is currently available by appointment at Eastern Shore Natural Health and home/event/office visits upon request.

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