Herbal Medicine - Western & TCM

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the use of plants, flowers and minerals for healing. Herbal formulas work in conjunction with acupuncture. They are especially necessary for chronic conditions that require the synergistic effects of combined acupuncture and herbal therapies. While acupuncture stimulates and moves the energies within the body to elicit physiological response, herbs are more nourishing and are essential in treating the body from inside-out. Herbal formulas are made up of many herbs that are tailored to the each individual patient. Herbs are highly specific in their actions and possess diverse qualities and properties to target different aspects of an ailment.

Herbal formulas come in many forms, most popularly pills and teas. When used correctly under the guidance of your Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, they are generally safe and rarely have side effects. Chinese herbs can be very helpful for a variety of problems as well as to maintain overall health.

Western herbalism while it uses many of the same assesment principles and holistic understandings as TCM approaches herbs from a different approach.  Most of the time the plant essecense are extracted in an alcohol and remedies come either in simples or in a small combination of synergestic remedies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do herbal formulas interact with pharmacuetical or over the counter medication?

There are a few contraindicated herbs and plants.


How often and how long do I take the herbs for?

Depending on what symptomology is present a course of treatment may last from 1 week to 6months, occassionally longer, or shorter.  Most of the time Formula and recommended herbs are carefully adjusted and changed if needed as the body works through the many layers of healing.  

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