Shiatsu is a Japanese style of massage that is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The practitioner uses acupressure points to access the energy meridians throughout the body, thereby releasing muscle tension, increasing cellular metabolism and engaging your body’s self -regulating, self-regenerating and self-healing abilities.  Shiatsu literally means "finger pressure", but many other techniques, such as traditional kneading, fascia-release, mobilization and stretching, are also used.  You remain comfortably clothed during your treatment, as oils make it difficult to apply mobilization and pressure techniques.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes (i.e. sweats, yoga clothes, even khakis are okay).  If you are coming straight from work we can make do, but comfortable clothes are best.


I like lots of pressure ...What is up with clothing on massage can it go as deep?

Shiatsu is traditionally applied through clothing, with the exception of the specific treatments of moxabustion and fire cupping.  Many of the techniques used in shiatsu and cranial sacral either work better or work only without the use of slippery oils or lotion.  Pressure can actually be applied more effectively through clothing because the techniques do not glide over or slip off the muscle.  While there is a different feel to massage through clothing, try it and we think you will agree that it is as therapeutic as it is relaxing.

If you treatment does include moxabustion or cupping, or you really want an oil massage, you will be given privacy to undress to your comfort level and situate yourself on the table under a sheet.

I don't like lots of pressure...will shiatsu be too painful?

No, all sessions are tailored to meet your needs.  A gentle touch can be more effective in many cases and your practitioner is happy to adjust pressure as necessary.

First time please arrive a little earlier.

At your first session you will fill out a health history form and we will take a little time discuss your goals and perhaps your need to complement acupuncture, chiropractic, allopathic, or other therapies to create treatments tailored to you.

How do you asses the situation?

Well, shiatsu practitioners are not medical doctors.  We approach your health issues holistically.  At your appointment, we will talk to you about how you are feeling and assess the external condition of your muscles and joints, as well as your internal constitution of organs and connective tissue.  Depending on your needs, we may examine your range of motion, mobility, and flexibility.  We use the ancient practice of radial pulse listening and tongue examination to better understand your constitution and the health of your internal organ systems.  It might seem a little bit strange to show your tongue to your practitioner (unless you are 10 year old), but the detailed information it provides about your internal state is crucial to an effective treatment.  At your subsequent treatments, your practitioner will check in with you about your desired focus for the session, recent changes in health, or how your treatment plans are helping you meet your goals.


30 minutes- $50

45 minutes- $65

60 minutes- $80

75 minutes - $100

90 minutes- $120

The State of Minnesota charges a sales tax on bodywork services, Save $$ with a  referral from a chiropractor or physician.  Just let your provider know how shiatsu and massage has beneficial.  if you need some assistance getting one please ask us we can help explain to your provider the scope of our care.  Some states have already legislated preventative care (bodywork, acupuncture) as mandatory for insurance reimbursement.  Let's spread the word so MN can join this modern move in health care.

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