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Join Us at the Eastern Shore


The beautiful Lake Nokomis area and the relaxing ambience of Eastern Shore is just the beginning of restoring your energy and finding your wellness.  Here your in good hands. 

Located steps away from Lake Nokomis, our boutique studio is the intersection of mind, body, and spirit where visitors come to restore their energy and find optimum health. A neighborhood touchstone for navigating health as well as destination for adavanced soft tissue therapies from senior pracitioner and director Benjamin Bartlein.  Experienced staff of holistic professionals are ready to guide you through our many services and refer out to trusted colleagues to help obtain the highest quality of life possible. 

Whether you’re interested in incorporating a non-traditional approach to your medical care, alternative methods to treat chronic conditions, or general stress relief and relaxation, our personalized approach to integrative medicine will help you navigate the many holistic options to choose from.

Your health and happiness is worth your attention.  Take the time to schedule an appointment with master bodywork therapist Benjamin Bartlein, he combines an inuitive and holistic approach with extensive training in Fascial Counterstrain and traditional acupressure and shiatsu.


 Want to invite wellness and balance into your life but your schedule is all over the place.  No Worries!!! We have our By-The-Minute Massage and Shiatsu Clinic- where you can make a same day appointment, walk in, call ahead or book online (within 30 minutes.)   Combined with Eastern Shore's retail hours open four days a week.   Click here for more info.

  • Benjamin Bartlein, CST, LMT, Board Cert.
    Benjamin Bartlein, CST, LMT, Board Cert. Benjamin offers advanced bodywork treatments drawing from an extensive tool box of Eastern inutitive energetic approaches, and the gentle anatomical precision of Counterstrain.  If you imagine your body as a…
  • Stephanie Wagner - Health Coaching
    Stephanie Wagner - Health Coaching   Stephanie uses a variety of different methods in her health coaching practice   including stress-relieving techniques, time management, vision/mission,   visualization, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise planning, goal setting and  …

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