Equal parts Science & Spirit
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Our Philosophy

The interplay of energy and matter in the human body is paradoxically extremely complex and also organized in such a way as to be simple and efficient. 

We believe that taking into consideration the complex nerve, vessel and cellular mechanics is as important as understanding and optimizing the energy, focus and connectivity of the body, mind and spirit. 

The foundation of our method is Strain-Counterstrain, a multi-system approach to rehabilitating the body by unloading the tension around areas of restriction and injury.   By combining this gentle precision manual therapy with the effective traditions of treating the flow of energy or spirit, we create the necessary bio-magnetic signals that nurture health and function in the body.  For some people there is a physical disruption that doesn’t allow for this electromagnetic cellular communication to take place and for others the physical is fine but the flow is blocked.  Our philosophy is to tend to both.